YOUR TURN: Medical Marijuana

Air: Friday, June 5, 2015

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Morgan McGraw. McGraw joined in a spirited debate with many other people on our Facebook page over the legislation involving medical marijuana. McGraw is in favor of legalizing medical marijuana and she has a very personal reason for her opinion.

In her words: I bet the same people who are against it would be for it if their child was suffering from a terminally ill disease that causes her to have hundreds of seizures. You can bet this mommy will be the first at my daughter's doctor getting the prescription for it. My daughter is on several drugs for epilepsy that aren't even controlling the seizures and they are taking a little bit of my daughter away each day. My daughter no longer walks or talks and is fed by a tube. So please, before you judge the ones who are for it, put yourself in my shoes. I'd do anything to help out my baby girl.

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