Woman charged with extortion after threats of revealing a sex tape

Woman charged with extortion after threats of revealing a sex tape

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Denham Springs woman has been arrested released on a $11,000 bond after she was charged with extortion and improper telephone communications.

According to documents from the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, a deputy was called to a house on Coursey Blvd. in reference to an extortion complaint.

The wife of the victim told deputies she and her husband were being extorted by 44-year-old Emilie Blythe Hill.

Hill had received about $45,000 from the victim over the course of a year. The payments to Hill from the victim stopped in February 2015.

Reports state since February, the victim and his wife had received more than 200 emails and phone calls from Hill to get more money or she will "provide a sex tape to the media, family and employers."

The sex tape, according to documents, contains documentary video footage of a sex act between the victim and Hill.

At the same time deputies were at the victim's residence, Hill was being detained at the victim's attorney's office in Baton Rouge. She was being arrested for remaining after being forbidden. Hill went to the attorney's office to talk about the victim.

Officers with the Baton Rouge Police Department say Hill admitted to the extortion by telling the officers the she told the victims she will reveal the sex tape publicly if she doesn't continue to receive money from the victim.

The victim told deputies he met Hill at a job he worked from 2005 to 2007 and reconnected with her in 2010. "After reconnecting, the victim and [Hill] began a romantic relationship. He agreed to pay some of her bills and expenses and she asked that he loan her some money as well," according to the warrant.

The victim believed the $45,000 was a loan and Hill would pay him back after receiving an inheritance, but court documents say there is no documentation of the loans.

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