Crime Stoppers: Too close to home

Crime Stoppers: Travel Aites murder

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - 19-year-old Travel Aites has been described as a loving son, brother and friend.  Back in March of 2014, he went missing for almost a week.

Until March 14 when his father came home from work like he's done thousands of times, but this time it was different.  His stepmother, Racquel Spikes, remembers that day and what her husband found.

"Something told him, just walk back there. He walked up on him. Right under my bedroom window," said Spikes.

After days of hoping they'd find him okay, what they got was absolute heartbreak.  He was dead. And after the discovery, the mystery would only deepen. He had been shot multiple times.

His stepmother says she's heard that he was out on the corner talking with someone. 

"Two or three minutes later he started running from him. He was shooting at him. He was shot twice in the back," said Spikes.

He made it all the way back behind the house, running and trying to hide from his shooter. That's where he would die. The 5200 block of Frey Street in Baton Rouge, just a few blocks from Winbourne Avenue and Howell Park, had been his home for 15 years. Still, that hasn't encouraged anyone to come forward, and detectives know people know.

"We believe he knew the shooter. We believe there were people who witnessed and know who the shooter is," says Detective Scott Hodgins with the Baton Rouge Police Department. "Sometimes we need the neighborhood to step up and help us out a little. Connect those dots." 

Just imagine walking up on your son in your own yard, finding him dead. Imagine having to look out your bedroom window, knowing he was right there all along.  As you can imagine it was all just too much. The family had to move and not just for that reason. 

"When something like this happens and nobody is talking, you just never know," said Spikes. "We still have two other boys." 

And as you can imagine, they worry constantly about them, but is there worry from others? What about your boy, your friend, your neighbor?  Will anyone come forward for you? Isn't it time we end this cycle?

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