Five weeks after severe storms, debris still litters neighborhoods

Five weeks after severe storms, debris still litters neighborhood

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There are still some piles of debris in some Baton Rouge neighborhoods five weeks after a severe thunderstorm tore through the Capital City.

Kori Versaw's neighbors still have two of her trees in their yards in the Oak Hills neighborhood.

"It has been really frustrating," Versaw said. "I mean we got our yard cleaned up and it's just been kind of sitting out here ever since. We were kind of wondering when they were going to come and get it."

Louisiana Department of Public Works interim Director Bryan Harmon said he is proud of the department's work so far and compared this response to past hurricane cleanup efforts.

"Over the previous 16 working days, our debris contractor has picked up and delivered 2,122 loads," Harmon said. "The contractor is current running between 15 and 16 trucks, and we hope to have this clean-up effort completed this [past] weekend. DPW work crews have been working none stop with the contractor to get our community cleared of this debris and have done a great job."

Harmon says it took 45 days to clean up after Hurricane Isaac and that this storm generated about 60 percent of the debris.

"Actually the trucks have passed by several times and have just driven past," Versaw said. "I don't know if they were full or maybe the stuff is too heavy, I don't really know what the reason is. When they cut it up and pull it out of the street and put it in the yard, you assume they're going to come back and get it."

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