ATC Commissioner applauds organizers of Bayou Country Superfest

ATC Commissioner applauds organizers of Bayou Country Superfest

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) Commissioner Troy Hebert would like to congratulate the organizers and servers of the 2015 Bayou Country Superfest and Taylor Swift concert on selling and serving alcohol responsibly this past weekend.

ATC agents, along with underage operatives, conducted compliance checks throughout Tiger Stadium during the two events on Friday and Saturday. Of the 71 compliance checks conducted by ATC, agents only issued four citations for underage sales and passed out dozens of awards to servers who refused to sell to underage operatives.

"Servers did a great job checking ID's and making sure that they are serving and selling responsibly," said ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert. "I applaud their efforts in ensuring that alcohol doesn't end up in the hands of underage patrons."

Each year, ATC is proactive and works closely with organizers to ensure that proper procedures are in place to handle the large volume of alcohol that is served. Prior to the events, ATC agents meet with organizers and servers to educate them on alcohol laws and procedures for checking identification.

ATC, in most cases, uses 16 and 17 year old operatives to assist in conducting compliance checks. Individuals and businesses caught selling alcohol and/or tobacco products to minors face fines and administrative and/or criminal charges. Servers who refuse to sell to the underage operatives are recognized with an ATC certificate for doing the right thing and not selling alcohol and/or tobacco to a minor.