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St. George organizers turn in 2,000 more signatures than what was needed


St. George organizers were working down to the last minute to get the 2,694 signatures needed to get the incorporation on a ballot.

Thursday afternoon, a petition with 4,630 signatures was turned into the registrar's office. 

Last October, the Incorporation for St. George's Lionel Rainey said they turned in signatures to the East Baton Rouge Registrar of Voters. However, the registrar could only verify 15,165 signatures of the needed 17,859. 

According to state law, St. George organizers had 60 days to try and get the rest of the signatures needed.  

If the registrar is able to verify 2,694 signatures, the petition would then head to the governor's desk for his signature. He would also call the election date. 

On Thursday, the anti-St.George group Better Together Baton Rouge submitted 810 signature removal forms. Subtracting the number of removed signatures still leaves City of St. George representatives with 3,820 signatures.

The next slated state election is October 24.

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