Nation's largest bookfest honors Honeycutt of BR

Jackie Honeycutt, Leo Honeycutt, Jackie Wax, Jamie Wax (Source: John Spain)
Jackie Honeycutt, Leo Honeycutt, Jackie Wax, Jamie Wax (Source: John Spain)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Baton Rouge author Leo Honeycutt was in New York City May 27th Wednesday to receive a medal. Honeycutt's biography of CenturyLink founder Clark Williams won honors as one of the top three business ethics books in the nation. The award was handed Honeycutt at BookExpo America, the largest book convention in the U.S.

Leo said he was surprised to discover his book had won over books from revered institutions in publishing like Harvard, Princeton, Wharton and the many New York publishers.

People discovered that reading the Clark Williams story was not like reading your run-of-the-mill vanity publication. Williams story began humbly in what could be seen as a classic rags to riches scenario. But as Williams climbed the corporate world ladder, he did not drop his Christian upbringing and continued to live by The Golden Rule of treating others as you would like to be treated.

Williams' telecom company would ascend to the Fortune 150 ranks. It would rank in the top three largest telecom companies in America. To this day, CenturyLink's corporate headquarters are on U.S. 165 North in Monroe, Louisiana.

"Nice Guy Finishes First: The Clarke Williams Story" (The Lisburn Press, $24.95) remains on

As Honeycutt's circle of close friends stood by, he collected his medal. John Spain of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation was there with his wife Linda, and CBS Morning News correspondent Jamie Wax, were with Leo and his wife Linda to celebrate.

"Imagine that," Leo said of his national win, "Louisiana winning recognition in New York for 'business ethics!' or ethics of any kind! My hope is this book might help us turn that corner!"

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