Contact 9: Iberville Parish residents say 'clean it up or tear it down'

Contact 9: Iberville Parish residents say 'clean it up or tear it down'

IBERVILLE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Some neighbors in Iberville Parish are ready to see a neighborhood eyesore go.

"You see a lot of people just driving in and out, bicycles rolling through, animals roaming," said Marvin Miles.

Miles lives across the street from the old Seymourville school. A group of realtors bought the property at a sheriff's sale last month after a non-profit group lost the funding to keep the building. The roof of the old school caved in and the property is littered with old clothes, papers and various items.

The councilman for the area asked the parish's building inspector to take a look at the property and get in touch with the owners.

"I want them to clean it up or tear it down," said Sal Butler, a parish councilman.

"The non-profit used to at least keep the grass cut but the roof caved in after Gustav."

Neighborhood kids play in and around the building and Miles is worried that could lead to bad things.

"I would like to see it come back to what it used to be, for the youth and the whole community to enjoy," Miles said.

"I grew up going over there to the summer programs, the feeding programs, the summer camps – and right now it's just condemned and not good for the community at all."

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