Crime Stoppers: From wedding to the grave

Crime Stoppers: Jeremy Costley murder

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The streets of Baton Rouge are different. Very different compared to what you grew up with, and when.

Carolyn Ricks has seen a lot in her day. She says the changes have not been good.

"I've never seen so many uncaring people. They don't care about anything. Not even themselves."

She's lived here her whole life. And what happened to her 24-year-old grandson, Jeremy Costley, only cements that feeling for her. Detective Jeff Anders from the Baton Rouge Police Department says Costley had just come from a family wedding on November 8th of 2014. "He left the wedding with a couple of his cousins. They stopped at the store. Jeremy had never been to this area before. He just waited outside."

The area was the intersection of North 23rd and Jefferson, just off of Plank Road. He'd never make it back from there. Somebody walked up to him and shot him. With plenty of potential witnesses around, his grandmother can't believe nobody is talking. "Somebody is dead. Don't you feel something? I can't imagine."

Maybe even more difficult to imagine is the possible reason behind the shooting.

"He was in the neighborhood," says Det. Anders "Some guys confronted him and wanted to know why he was there. He was trying to avoid a confrontation, but they ended up shooting him."

They shot him because he was in the wrong place? That's the working theory after months of investigation.

"Okay so I'm not supposed to be here," says Mrs. Ricks about her grandson. "Let me go. Why you have to shoot me? I can't get it."

The family says Jeremy was always there for them. Called him their right hand man. They are certainly missing him now. His grandmother, diagnosed with cancer, says he was always helping her. What they have now are memories and pictures. And a deep desire, they have printed onto some t-shirts. It says "Stop the Violence."

Mrs. Ricks wishes it was that easy. But she knows it's not. "I just don't know what's going to have to happen, before it stops. I really don't."

She's hoping it doesn't have to happen to another family, before her grandson's killer is caught.

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