LSP to debut new utility uniform during Bayou Country Superfest

The Louisiana State Police is debuting a new uniform in time for the Bayou Country Superfest.

The uniform, called the "Class B" uniform, will function as a lightweight, breathable option to be used in emergency situations. The new look was designed for use during natural, or manmade disasters like hurricanes and flooding.

The Bayou Country Superfest was selected as the new uniform's test run due to the long hours, heat, and possible rain over the course of the weekend.

Even though the uniform is a brand new option for officers, Colonel Mike Edmonson assures that they will remain only that, an option. "This utility uniform in no way replaces the traditional and iconic blue and gold uniform of the Louisiana State Police," says Edmonson.

He says that the uniforms are there to provide officers with comfortable workwear in case of a challenging work environment.

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