Flash flooding causes headaches in Livingston Parish

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - When Steve Wolverton went to pick up his kids on Eden Church Road, he ran into a few road blocks.

"Actually tried to walk across and [the water] got up to about past my knees. We were not expecting that today," said Wolverton.

He wasn't the only driver caught off guard by the flash flooding that swept across Livingston Parish after a late afternoon storm. At one point, homeowners said the water on Eden Church Road reached at least four feet.

Despite the Sheriff's Office closing several flooded roads in the parish, drivers still tried to pass through. Many failed.

"It's a huge problem," said Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard. "They don't understand the inconvenience you're causing for people that may have water almost into their homes."

One of those homeowners inconvenienced was Mike Sommer who helped pull out three cars stranded by flood waters,
Sommer says the road recently underwent some renovations and is the best shape he has seen in years, but the sudden flooding is new.

"I definitely want to look into it. When we did the road before, they said that drainage was a problem and we've had some issues. The engineers said it was ok and that everything was fine, so we've been going along without any issues until now really," said Livingston Parish Councilwoman Cindy Wale-Franz.

The Livingston Department of Public Works suspects the endless parade of storms may be more to blame for the flooding here and in other parts of the parish than structural problems. Most of it drained after several hours.

Meanwhile, with flash flooding only a storm away, officials are asking residents to avoid the closed roads next time.

"If you see a barricade, do not go through them. Don't go around them because you will be ticketed if you do that," said Ard.

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