Old School Cool: Letterman's fans petition to keep his show on air in Baton Rouge

Old School Cool: Letterman's fans petition to keep his show on air in Baton Rouge

David Letterman is retiring, but his on-air departure almost happened much earlier in Baton Rouge.

In 1983, Letterman's show was taken off of the air by Baton Rouge's NBC affiliate. After the removal of the show from the air, LSU's students fought to get it back.

"Dave, when we heard about your show being taken off the air, we the students were in an uproar," said Mark Calvitt, one of the heads of the "Save Dave" crew.

The students started a petition in front of the LSU student union, and the pages started to fill up.

Before long, they had three-thousand signatures, and they convinced the TV station to return Letterman to the airwaves. When that happened, another big announcement was made on the Letterman Show.

"Today," Letterman's co-host Paul Schafer said, "in the state of Louisiana, was Dave Letterman day!"

Letterman took time to thank the "save Dave" crew for getting is show back on the air in Baton Rouge.

"I was to thank the Secretary of State of the state of Louisiana, Jim Brown," said Letterman. "Also, in Baton Rouge, LSU students Mark Calvitt, Mark Pfister, Steve Stewart, and Danny Burke."

Afterward, Letterman joked that the men would be able to get their degree solely by watching the late night talk show.

"The problem with going to college and watching the show is if you have early classes, it's difficult to stay up that late and get up and go to an 8 or 9 o'clock class," said Letterman. "Well, starting in the fall, it will be possible to obtain a full four-year degree just by watching this show."

So, as Letterman heads into retirement, Letterman's fans now know who to thank for keeping him on the air here in Baton Rouge.

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