CRIME STOPPERS: Murder on Camera

Crime Stoppers: Colin Ross murder

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "For some reason, I knew" he says, "I knew it was not going to be good." That's Mark Ross, father of 22-year-old Colin Ross. What led to that feeling of dread back on August 10, 2011? He had just finished working out at the gym when somebody began desperately calling his name.

The phone call he took changed his life. His son had been shot and killed at a car wash off Essen Lane in Baton Rouge. His son and a friend had met a couple guys earlier in the evening, and were meeting up with them again.

Detective Scott Blake with the Baton Rouge Police Department says it was a set up, plain and simple. "They come up here to the car wash and meet them. While they were talking, the people they met, decided to rob them."

In the surveillance video from the car wash you can see two men sneaking up, bandanas over their faces.

Gunshots ring out. Soon you see the car slowly pull forward and stop. The passenger was hit, but survived. Colin was driving. He would not be so lucky. Turns out he was battling a familiar foe.

"Unfortunately, he got back into the drug scene," says his father. It takes a certain amount of strength for a father to admit that about his son. But he does it to help those who would follow down that path. A path his son had been fighting to get off of, but was pulled back onto one last time.

Mr. Ross knows those who did it, will have no issue doing it again. "They are a threat to you. It's inevitable that sometime, somewhere, over some stupid reason, they'll be a real life and death threat to the people they know."

Detectives say they have some very strong leads, this can be solved, but they need that one person to come forward. In a town full of people who should want to get involved says Detective Blake, "There should be a lot of people standing up saying, we have to stop the violence."

As for those who pulled the trigger, Mr. Ross used to think about a conversation with them.

"I've envisioned it," he says "But it wouldn't be much of a conversation. Blunt and to the point. You took away a good kid. You hurt a lot of people. You've probably hurt a lot of people since then."

But starting now, maybe you can help stop them from hurting another family. It's an easy phone call. And it's 100 percent anonymous. Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.

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