Child accused of intentionally setting family home ablaze

Child accused of intentionally setting family home ablaze

Investigators have determined that a child is responsible for intentionally starting a fire that recently destroyed his family home. However, the family has been involved with at least four other fires, which are still being investigated.

"We are working with the office of family services to get the child proper counseling," said Curt Monte with the Baton Rouge Fire Department.

According to Louisiana law, a child under the age of 10-years-old cannot be prosecuted for arson.

"We have enrolled the child in our Junior Fire Setter's program," Monte explained. "Our investigators work with the child and will make visits to talk to the child about the dangers of fire and understanding fire prevention to make sure the behavior doesn't continue."

Through questioning investigators learned the child set the fire on Monday at his family's home on Titian Avenue. The child, 9 additional children, and the child's parents were inside the home when the blaze was ignited.

"We know the family has been involved in as many as four other fires at homes located within the parish," Monte noted. "We certainly haven't ruled out the possibility that the child might have set the fires at the other homes. They're continuing to investigate."

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