USS Kidd offers new programs for veterans

USS Kidd offers new programs for veterans

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The USS Kidd has started new programs aimed at a specific crowd.

The museum has begun expanding its educational outreach programs. Alternative therapy programs for veterans have been added such as yoga, art therapy and gardening.

The first session of the yoga class was held Wednesday night at the museum after hours.

"You know with well-being or pain management, and it's actually been linked to helping people suffering from post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injuries," Alejandro Juan, Executive Director of the USS Kidd. "So there's a ton of benefits to it, and if we have the opportunity, location and volunteers who are willing to come and do the classes for free for veterans, then we're very excited to do that."

Any veterans interested in signing up should call the museum for information.

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