Sheriff: Suspect in deadly shooting is police chief's son, victims identified

Sheriff: Suspect in deadly shooting is police chief's son, victims identified - 6 p.m.
Source: Gerron Jordan/WAFB
Source: Gerron Jordan/WAFB

ST. GABRIEL, LA (WAFB) - Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi confirms one of the suspects involved in a deadly double shooting that happened Sunday night is the St. Gabriel Police Chief's son Kevin Ambeau Jr.

"It doesn't matter if it's Chief Ambeau's son or Joe Blow on the corner. All cases are handled the same and when we determine an arrest needs to be made no matter who it is, that arrest will be made," said Sheriff Stassi.

The coroner's office has confirmed two people were killed in a shooting that happened at a home on Martin Luther King Parkway in St. Gabriel just before 10 p.m.

The victims have been identified as 26-year-old Dominique Dunbar and 30-year-old Rove Lodge.

Sheriff Stassi says two men were in an argument that escalated to a fight. It all started at the Popingo convenience store on Highway 30.

Sheriff Stassi says witnesses broke up the fight, but the two began fighting again on 6th street. They were again separated and one of the victims were brought to a trailer in the 5500 block of Highway 75 (MLK Parkway), where the shooting happened.

"We're not going to rush to judgement. We are going to get the facts straight and make sure we have a case that can be prosecuted at the District Attorney's office," said Stassi."

"Kevin Ambeau being police chief is no concern to this case, to me. We're going to handle it by the book, like we do them all. If it is determined an arrest needs to be made, an arrest will be made," Stassi stated.

Deputies say shots approximately four were fired from inside the trailer and from outside into the trailer.

"Whenever you bring the fight to someone's home, that is always a question that needs to be asked and answered," said Sheriff Stassi.

He also said the autopsy will determine what shots hit who, and that will determine what needs to be done.

The investigation is ongoing.

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