Walker Police officers now equipped with body cameras

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - Walker Police Department's officers are now equipped with body cameras. They're the first police department in Livingston Parish to get the latest technology.

Capt. John Sharp said the department purchased 19 body cameras for all their officers who work the streets. He added they cost the department roughly $9,800, but several Walker businesses donated money to help make the purchase. He said it's money well spent.

"Police are accused of doing things they shouldn't do or suspects deny that they did what they're being charged with and a lot of times, in those instances, the evidence is inconclusive," said Capt. Sharp.

The officers received their cameras this week, with some of them still going through training on the specifics of the cameras. The cameras also have a microphone officers can use. It can also be used to take still photographs at scenes. The officers will be required to keep the cameras on any time they respond to a call.

Cpl. Mark Fruge said it's just one more tool in his toolbox.

"We have a lot of people making accusations against police officers that are just false. I've had it happen to me several times and having the dash board cams has got me out of that. it stopped a lot of false accusations," said Cpl. Fruge.

Capt. Sharp said they urge all their officers to advise everyone they pull over that they are being recorded. He added if need be, down the road, they will make it a requirement.

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