'Hot Art, Cool Nights' shows off art in Mid-City Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The 12th annual Baton Rouge Mid City Merchants sponsored "Hot Art, Cool Nights" showcased art Friday night while shoppers were wined and dined.

The merchants do the art marketplace twice a year, allowing art lovers to engage and meet the artists in the Capital region. Artists were showing off sculptors, paintings, photographs and jewelry.

All along Government Street and part of Jefferson Highway, there were businesses, not necessarily galleries, such as car shops, restaurants and offices that displayed the work of local artists and offered snacks and drinks.

"I notice that a lot of younger people come to this show as compared to the other art shows that I've been to," said Baton Rouge artist Christina Babin. "I see a lot of teenagers come to look at art and are talking about art. A lot of people that maybe aren't ready to buy their first piece, but they're very curious. It's a good event to come to if you want to see art, up close and personal."

Mid-City's "White Light Night" art showcase will be next fall.

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