Housing market soaring in Baton Rouge area

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Realtors say the Baton Rouge housing market has surged and it is because more people are making their way to the Capital area.

According to the Baton Rouge Business Report, the home sales in East Baton Rouge Parish jumped 15 percent in the month of March.

If you take a look around the Goodwood area there are several for sale signs posted outside of homes, and down the street new homes are being built. Realtor Scott Gaspard says the reason why more people are buying and selling homes in Baton Rouge is because of new jobs and industries.

"Baton Rouge is thriving," said Gaspard. "There are a lot of industries that influences our market. You have the filming industry. We also have a lot of oil, gas and chemical plants."

He added that during the summer months more people are looking to move.

"This time of year, I think we are transitioning out of school, and I think it's a prettier season. It's spring, and the flowers are out," said Gaspard.

More people buying homes means more people will be investing their time and money in making Baton Rouge better.

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