OUR TURN: LSU Students Protest Cuts

Air: Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's not hard to get LSU students excited about their football team on a fall afternoon, but they were having some difficulty getting worked up about the threat of huge funding cuts to their university. That changed last week when hundreds of students marched on the state capital to fight for their future.

Louisiana's $1.6 billion state budget shortfall has put higher education in the cross hairs. LSU officials are concerned about a doomsday scenario that might mean an 80 percent cut to their budget. University President F. King Alexander urged students recently to "be annoying" in making their opposition to the funding cuts heard. We're not sure if state lawmakers found the protesters to be annoying, but we're pretty sure their message got through, and we're on their side. As we've said here before, we're supportive of stable funding for Louisiana's colleges and universities, and we're not fans of the state budget process that seems to target education and health care when times get tough.

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