NHC reports 70% chance of formation of system near East Coast

NHC reports 70% chance of formation of system near East Coast


said Thursday morning there is a high chance of development of a system in the Atlantic Ocean near the Carolinas.

Forecasters said the non-tropical low pressure system had not moved in several hours. It is located about 230 miles south-southeast of the South Carolina-North Carolina border.

They added environmental conditions are gradually becoming more favorable and there is now a 70 percent chance of formation in the next 48 hours.

The NHC reported the low could gradually acquire sub-tropical characteristics as it slowly moves northward. Sub-tropical storms are named the same as fully-tropical storms. If this system develops further, it would be named Ana.

Sub-tropical storms tend to be less intense than tropical storms. However, they generally have a broader area of circulation than fully-tropical storms and hurricanes. As a result, while less intense in terms of winds and storm surge threats, sub-tropical storms can produce impacts over a greater area.

WAFB's First Alert Storm Team continues to closely watch the system, but reiterated that even if a sub-tropical (or tropical) system were to develop, it offers virtually no chance of becoming a threat to the Gulf of Mexico.

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