Family of murdered pregnant woman says they're 100% confident her killer will be found

Family of murdered pregnant woman says they're 100% confident her killer will be found

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Relatives of Brittney Mills are fighting hard to understand the pain that has come with the brutal murder of the 29-year-old pregnant woman.

"We have...we have honestly lost sleep over this," says Brittney's sister Tia Mills.

Brittney was an energetic woman, who loved to shop, play basketball and run track. She was planning to go back to school to be come a paramedics' assistant. Her sister Tia says Brittney loved to take care of others. She says Brittney was compassionate and always kept her on her feet.

"We were like stair steppers growing up. That's how they would describe us," says Mills of her and her sister. "It was like one big happy family. There was a lot of comradery amongst each another."

Tia says she had dinner with her sister one hour before she was shot outside of her apartment last Friday. She says even as adults the two never passed up on a chance to poke a little fun at each other.

"My mom actually fixed our favorite meal so maybe we had more than we were supposed to and she tried to blame it on me. That's something siblings do. I think in so many words, that was her goodbye."

Brittney was eight month pregnant. Tia says her sister prayed for a boy and recently learned her prayers had been answered.

"Oh, she was excited about that because she didn't think she would be able to have another child," says Mills. "She told us that."

They have named the him Brenton. He is still in the hospital. She has also a ten year old girl.

"My hope is that he does pull through but if that's not God's will, then we will let it be done."

While some media reports have indicated former LSU standout La'el Collins may be the father of the baby, and that Brittney had a romantic with him, her relatives are not saying much about it.

"We have been informed on that," says Mills. "But that is something we cannot speak on."

However, they do have some words for Brittney's killer and they are confident the person responsible for tearing their family apart will be brought to justice.

"Whatever happened that night, God is going to reveal who is responsible for this."

Update: After this airing, Brenton, the baby delivered the night Brittney Mills was killed, died.

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