YOUR TURN: Entergy Workers Threatened

Air: Friday, May 1, 2015

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Tanya Businelle. Businelle is one of hundreds of people on our Facebook page who reacted to the story about the Entergy power crew being threatened in the Glen Oaks neighborhood. Most people who left comments were furious with the people who intimidated the crew. Businelle knows you catch more flies with honey.

In her words: If I'd seen an Entergy crew working in close proximity, you can bet I would've been a most gracious hostess. Without getting in their way, I'd have offered up a big ole jug of sweet iced tea, a platter of sandwiches, cookies for dessert and a large dose of sweet Southern hospitality. These guys work non-stop to restore power for thousands of people and they manage to do it in a few days. Many thanks to the folks who do that.

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