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LSU students and professors participate in march opposing cuts to higher ed

Source: Cheryl Mercedes/WAFB Source: Cheryl Mercedes/WAFB

Plans for a powerful demonstration are underway just steps from the Louisiana State Capitol.

Students and professors at LSU that are fed up with threats to cut higher education have been asked to show up with signs displaying their opposition to state lawmakers.

Higher education leaders have spent several weeks preparing for what they call a "doomsday scenario." It could mean higher education would be cut by 82 percent, which would leave $123 million to be split up among the state's colleges and universities. Right now, the state funnels $1 billion to campuses.

Lawmakers are facing a new budget and an estimated $1.6 billion shortfall. Legislators are voting on proposals this legislative session that would cut higher education funding to make up for it.

LSU leaders fear they will have to cut faculty and close some departments, which could lead to a drastic drop in enrollment.

About 150 students showed up two weeks ago for a similar march. Organizers of "Make a Change" are hoping for a much larger turnout Thursday.

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