Extra duty officers assist Entergy crews as a precaution after threats of violence

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Entergy crews were surveying damage Tuesday in the Glen Oaks area when they were threatened with violence if they didn't turn the power on immediately. With the threat of violence, the crew left the area and reported the incident, according to Baton Rouge Police.

Around 5,200 Entergy customers in East Baton Rouge Parish are still without power after Monday's severe thunderstorms.

Entergy spokesperson Amber Ferchaud told the Baton Rouge Business Report one reason some customers are still without power is because of threats of violence. Another reason is the city's old trees

Ferchaud also says this is not the first time the Entergy crews have been threatened with violence.

Crews will return to the Glen Oaks neighborhood, but with a police escort.

Baton Rouge Police Department Spokesman Lt. Johnny Dunnam says the Entergy crew was surveying damaged power lines near Maplewood Drive in the Glen Oaks area.

"People in the neighborhood wanted their power turned on immediately, and they threatened the crew." said Lt. Dunnam. "Entergy works with officers on occasion, for traffic and other situations. The extra duty officers will escort the crew when they work to restore power in that area."

However, people in the Brookstown Community were not as angry. Tonya Smith, who just had a baby, said it was tough without any power.

"We have no hot water so we have been basically going back and forth to other houses to bathe," said Smith. "We can't cook so we have been eating fast food."

Kristy Weatherman was also forced to eat fast food because of the power outages. The bad news is that she is diabetic.

"I'm not able to eat well as I need to," said Weatherman. "We have no way to cook. We have no way of refrigerating our food. I also have to keep my insulin on ice."

Entergy crews arrived Thursday afternoon to restore the power for that neighborhood.

Ferchaud says told the Baton Rouge Business Report all customers should be back online by Friday.

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