LSU supporters to protest $600 million in cuts to higher education

LSU supporters to protest $600 million in cuts to higher education

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU Alumni Association's Tiger Advocates is sponsoring a Baton Rouge campus student government organized march to the state capitol in protest of the state's proposed $600 million cut to higher education.

Such cuts could result in the closing of LSU satellite campuses and severe losses of academic programs and faculty available to students at the main campus, according to the LSU Alumni Association.

Governor Bobby Jindal has said colleges and universities are facing $600 million in possible reductions, to help with a $1.6 billion shortage in next years state budget.

"This budget reduction is so large, we'd have to furlough everybody for the entire year," Alexander said about LSU. "If this cut goes through as is, you will have 2,000 less classes next year to choose from. Retention rate slows, graduation rate slows down, you many not have courses to sign up for."

"Since 2008, higher education has continually been on the state budget chopping block," said LSU Alumni Association President and CEO Cliff Vannoy. "Enough is enough. It's time for the Louisiana legislature to protect our students – our future alumni - and find alternative solutions to the budget shortfall. We're putting the faces of those students at the steps of the capitol to remind legislators their decisions impact the lives that are the future of Louisiana."

The protest will happen Thursday, April 20. Participants will begin their march at 1 p.m. from the AZ Young Park to the steps of the capitol. Organizers say although it is a student protest, all interested supporters of LSU higher education are invited to participate.

Marchers will be wearing purple and gold to show their support for LSU.

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