Livingston Parish continues cleanup process, thankful it wasn't worse

Livingston Parish continues cleanup process, thankful it wasn't worse

SPRINGFIELD, LA (WAFB) - People in Livingston Parish got back to the cleanup process Tuesday knowing it could have been much worse.

Parish officials said they were blessed to have been spared from the type of damage other parishes experienced.

They said the brunt of the damage, which was downed trees and downed power lines, was right off Vincent Road in Springfield.

Residents around the parish are reminded if they see a downed power line to not go near it.

Linda Eaton is from Oklahoma, so she is used to tornadoes, but the conditions Monday were something she said was completely unexpected.

"The weather was getting really dark and my husband calls and said there was a warning, so I left our travel trailer and went to the restroom for shelter," Eaton said. "He came in and then the storm blew through and we came out and drove around the KOA park and there was some debris down, but not the fallen tree. We left to go to his job site to check on that and when we came back, the tree had fallen and this is where our truck would be parked. We were just very thankful that everything was okay."

There are power outages throughout Livingston Parish, but crews have been working through the night and they're going to be working through the day. The only school in the parish that is closed is the Lewis Vincent School.

It is located in the Springfield area and classes were canceled because there is no power.

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