Livingston Parish Public Schools teach parents about cyber safety

Livingston Parish public schools teach parents about cyber safety

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - These days, there are more devices than ever that put the world at children's finger tips. That's why, like with phone apps, it's important for parents to update their cyber safety skills as technology changes.

"It's scary thing as a parent to know that technology has that much influence in our kids," said parent and teacher Kym Ferachi.

To help keep up, parents went back to school with the Livingston Parish Public Schools Family Resource Center.

"We're finding that kids, it use to be phones were a rite of passage into high school, now they're in elementary schools," said the LPPS Director of Technology Robert Logan.

The cyber safety workshop gave parents tools to help control content and tips for talking to kids who got a lesson of their own about cyber bullying.

A survey of more than 4,000 kids showed that 20 percent had been bullied online, and most of those were harassed multiple times. Cyber bullying is now punishable by law.

Bottom line, parents have to constantly guide their kids to think before they post

"Set boundaries. Do not be afraid to be the adult in the conversation and understand that there is huge amount of responsibility that comes with these devices. Set the boundary," said Logan.

Logan's full workshop can be found here.

For general internet safety:

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Instructions for setting parental controls for Apple products:

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