Doctors give serious warning to those taking the 'Kylie Jenner Challenge'

(Source: Vine)
(Source: Vine)
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The "Kylie Jenner Challenge" trend took the internet by storm this week. Kylie Jenner is the daughter of former Olympian Bruce Jenner. It may seem like a harmless stunt, but doctors have a very serious warning.

The challenge appeared on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram.

In the attempt to get "prettier, poutier" lips, people are taking small glasses or plastic bottles, holding it over their lips and sucking as hard as they can.

The longer you hold it, the greater the effect, but doctors say it's dangerous.

Dr. Jon Parenack with Williamson Cosmetic Center says the short-term effects can last hours or days. Bruising, swelling, nerve and vessel damage. Long-term is even worse.

"If it actually induces a ruptured blood vessel, now we get something called a hematoma, a big clot of blood inside the lip itself. That's going to heal one of two ways, either the body is going to reabsorb it, which is ideally what's going to happen and the body is going to go back to normal, or it may substitute and become a collagen-filled area, also known as a scar. And when we get a large scar on the lip it can cause motion disturbances, long-term numbness, it certainly can distort the look of the lip," he said.

There are safe ways to plump the lips. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are the most common, and the results look much more natural.

"We can sculpt the architecture of the lip, we can give them maybe a little bit more cupid's bow or pout, we can actually roll the lip down somewhat, and of course if we need volume in the body of the lip, we can do that as well, all done safely in a medical circumstance so there won't be any bad things that happen."

Bad things that most teens don't even know are possible.

The cost of those injectable lip treatments starts around $500.

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