Baton Rouge Magnet High team wins 'Can You See Me Now?' video contest

Baton Rouge Magnet High team wins 'Can You See Me Now?' video contest

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A team from Baton Rouge Magnet High School put their creative caps on and worked together to create a winning entry in the Capital Region Planning Commission Bike and Pedestrian Safety Video Contest. The contest challenged area high school students to create an original video communicating a message about safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. The theme is "Can You See Me Now?"

Out of 17 teams and nearly 100 high school students who participated in the contest, the Baton Rouge Magnet High School team, Maura Dupre', Tiffany Le, Cindy Tran and original music by Margaret Ellis, won over the judges with their creative stop-motion animation.

The video gives the viewer the choice of selecting to be a "good driver" or "bad driver" in the context of a video game. It ends with "Real life isn't a game. Follow the rules of the road. Otherwise it's game over."  Click here to watch.

CRPC and Marmillion/Gray Media, agency for its Capital Region bicycle and pedestrian safety public education campaign, will work with the winning team to produce a 30-second TV commercial based on its entry that will be broadcast on local television and in area movie theaters.

Second place honors went to a team submittal by Thomas "TJ" Hanlon from Mentorship Academy entitled, "Safety is a 2-Way Street" which shows the enactment of a bicyclist on a collision course with a texting driver on the streets of downtown Baton Rouge. Hanlon operated camera and directed, Rondell Norman was the bicyclist and editor, and Demarcus Williams was sound and music producer. Click here to watch their video.

The Third Place winner was produced by Robert Sciambra of Catholic High School, whose winning entry was entitled "Can You See Me Now? / Destination: Zero Deaths" and featured bicyclists, drivers and pedestrians created entirely from Legos showing how to share the road safely. Click here to see the video.

"When this project began we wanted to target young people in a way that would instill safe driving habits by allowing them to utilize their own creativity and ingenuity," said Jamie Setze, Executive Director of the Capital Region Planning Commission. "What ultimately ended up happening was that an amazing group of teenagers ended up developing a message that demonstrated the importance of sharing the road, whether you be young, old, pedestrian or motorist."

The 1st Place Prize includes a $1000 cash prize, the opportunity to work with CRPC to advance their winning entry and with the Baton Rouge Film Commission. The 2nd Place Prize is a $500 cash prize and 3rd Place is a $250 cash prize. Every student who entered will receive a "Can You See Me Now?" t-shirt in day-glow colors to promote visibility on our streets and roads.

Videos were judged on 50 percent creativity, 30 percent strength of message and 20 percent execution and presentation.

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