Potholes rock Baton Rouge neighborhood

Potholes rock Baton Rouge neighborhood
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The potholes in one Baton Rouge neighborhood have gotten so bad that homeowners claim their houses shake when trucks pass.

The reported problem is on South Boulevard in Beauregard Town.

South Boulevard is a heavily traveled road. It was closed to traffic for several months while construction crews made repairs. Now the barricades and cones are on the shoulders, and drivers are able to access it again. However, the ride is rough and rocky.

"It's horrible. It messes up your car if you forget about the holes and you hit one of them," Beatrice Quinn said.

"Most people can't even drive on it. They have to go the other way," Sabrina Keown said.

9News watched as several cars and trucks tried to maneuver down the road. Many of them danced around the potholes or drove through the center of the street to avoid them.

Edrika Dalcourt said she has already gotten stuck.

"I have kids. So, I have to swerve around the hole sometimes. The car still goes in the hole and you have to push your car to get out of the hole," Dalcourt said.

Graylin Quinn, who lives on South Boulevard, said the rain only makes things worse.

"The last time I had to help someone who was stuck in front of my house the water was about three feet high," Quinn said.

Quinn and his neighbors said the problems aren't just limited to the road anymore. They said their houses are also feeling the pain.

"My house shakes. It vibrates when they have big trucks," Sabrina Keown said.

"The vibrations are constant. It's worse now since they have blacktopped the road," Quinn said.

Residents said construction crews told them it is just a temporary fix. They say they have tried to contact city-parish officials, but their calls have gone unanswered.

"We all have the same complaints. We all have the same issues, and yet we can't get anyone to work with us at this time," Quinn said.

They said they have tolerated the city's lack of progress far too long. They are ready for real results.

"I think it's about time. It needs to be fixed," Dalcourt said.

The East Baton Rouge Department of Public Works told 9News that they had to delay construction on the road because of the Mississippi River level. Once the water recedes, they will go back to work with a permanent solution.

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