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Gov. Jindal willing to consider possible cigarette tax hike

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It is looking like a possibility that smokers could be paying more to keep up their habit.

That's because anti-smoking groups are moving forward this session to hike-up taxes on cigarettes.

At least ten tobacco tax measures have been filed at the Capitol.

One bill would raise the cigarette tax from 36-cents a pack to $1.54, which is the national average. It could raise $250 million each year. The measure goes to the House Ways & Means Committee next week.

Governor Jindal told 9News off-camera Thursday that he's willing to consider a cigarette tax hike through his plan to steer more money to higher education.

"We have absolutely said that we would be open to the raising of the cigarette tax if it is offset," said Gov. Jindal. "It could be offset with a credit for higher education. There have been other suggested offsets as well. That's not the only one. We're not for increasing taxes period, but we also don't think the tax code is etched in stone."

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