Louisiana organizations asked to voice opinions about eroding wetlands

Louisiana organizations asked to voice opinions about eroding wetlands

Information from America's Wetland Foundation

NEW ORLEANS - America's WETLAND Foundation is calling on Louisiana civic clubs and organizations to complete a 2015 survey to determine the impact to communities of coastal restoration by May 1. The survey is a follow up to a 2014 poll in which Louisiana voters overwhelming cited coastal land loss as the issue of their lifetime.

The Foundation's efforts to bring these diverse interests together are part of its "GAME ON!" campaign which has successfully tied public awareness to an example of losing of football field of land each hour in the state to coastal erosion. This three-year, statewide campaign focuses on the need for cooperation and teamwork among all sectors and interests in order to sustain Louisiana's wetlands and its nationally critical economic and environmental assets.

Val Marmillion, managing director of America's WETLAND Foundation, stressed the importance of nonprofit participation in the coastal restoration effort. "Civic clubs and associations have joined America's WETLAND Foundation in its endeavors through the years, recognizing the importance of transcending any differences and working in unity to save our coast, culture, environment and economy," he said. "We know it will take broad participation by all sectors of society to turn back the tide of land loss that serves as protection for coastal communities and livelihoods threatened now and into the future."

Collaboration with clubs and organizations across the state ensures the Foundation's ability to provide a balanced, authentic, regional voice on issues that impact the economic and environmental sustainability of the Gulf Coast region and the nation as a whole.

Surveys regarding how best to address the issue of saving our wetlands are currently in distribution to civic clubs and organizations across Louisiana. Members can submit the surveys to the Foundation individually or have organization leaders collect completed surveys to submit as a group. To complete the survey online, all Louisiana clubs and organizations can go to americaswetland.com/survey. Results of the survey will be published by the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season June 1, 2015.