Ousted campers discussed at Livingston Parish Council meeting

Ousted campers discussed at Livingston Parish Council meeting

LIVINGSTON, LA (WAFB) - Homeowners from Magnolia Estates in Denham Springs say they are fed up with the state of their subdivision. They say crime, drugs and numerous violations to parish laws are making life at home difficult.

They are now taking their concerns to the Livingston Parish Council, starting with what they say is a growing problem with travel trailer homes.

According to Parish Permit Director Chuck Vincent, there are several campers set up on lots without the proper permits. Vincent says many had applied for shed permits in order to have access to electricity, and that once power was turned on the applicant moved a camper onto the location instead.

Last week, those in violation were given a notice to relocate in 15 days. Some folks living in the campers told 9News they were shocked by the sudden ousting. However, after further discussion at the Parish Council meeting leaders will work with those in violation to work out a better relocation timeline.

"We'll get together and try to make it as easy as possible," said Vincent.

Landlord Bruce Prestridge was one of the first to point out the permit violations back in December. He and other permanent residents say they agree with giving the campers more time to move. However, they say there is much more work to be done.

"Do more analysis of what's there," said Prestridge. "There are some good people, but there's some stuff that's been going on a long time that really needs to change."

The residents say their fight to clean up the neighborhood is just starting. They plan to organize their complaints and return to parish leaders to seek help.

"I want a clean place to be able to live, and I want my kids to be able to play," added longtime resident Crystal Berkley.

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