Our Turn: Acacia Fraternity

Air: Tuesday, April 7, 2015

If there was any question about whether the Acacia fraternity members at LSU were getting a raw deal, it seems like that question answered itself over the Easter Holiday weekend. Fraternity members apparently trashed their frat house as an act of defiance on their way out.

Last month, the University expelled the Acacia fraternity from campus due to allegations regarding hazing and other infractions. At the time, some fraternity members complained LSU was treating them unfairly. The vandalism over the weekend certainly validates the university's decision.

LSU police who went to investigate found smashed windows, damaged walls, and scattered furniture. Across the country, fraternities have made their way into the national news in a variety of ways recently – almost none of them good. Each one of those stories is an important reminder of the fine line between a fun time at school and something that can get out of hand quickly, turning what should be one of the best times of life into one of the worst.

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