Blind CATS rider unhappy with service, asking not to have to walk to bus

Blind CATS rider unhappy with service, asking not to have to walk to bus

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Glenn and Glenda, appropriately named, are twins and inseparable since birth.

"I'm like his mom really, because I always look out for my brother," said Glenda Johnson.

"When I was a baby my sister used to take my bottle from me," said Glenn Watson.

But ever since Glenn moved into his new home a month ago, he now has a major problem.

Glenn is blind. He relies on a special CATS shuttle to get to his overnight job.

"Even though he can't see, he wants to be able to work to help himself," said Johnson.

At his old address on Jessamine Ave., a driver came right to his front door. However, now in a new neighborhood, Glenn says CATS won't pick him up and now he has to walk to catch his ride.

It is a third of a mile from his house on Cefalu Dr. and around the block to Sharon Hills Blvd. where Glenn says a CATS driver now waits for him.

"I'm constantly worrying if I'm in the street or not. I touch the grass and the street to let me know where I'm at," said Watson.

Even more challenging, Glenn walks at night.

Not that night and day makes any difference to his vision, but being alone in the dark in North Baton Rouge does bring a new element of danger.

"I see it happening everyday on the news. How people are getting killed and everything at nighttime, and I'm walking back and forth. Somebody could be watching me," said Watson.

According to CATS website, Glenn's new address falls just blocks outside of their On-Demand services.

CATS declined an on-camera interview, but in a statement Tuesday, they said, "if the point of origin or endpoint is outside the service area, a customer will have to make additional arrangements."

Glenn is hoping CATS will make an exception.

"I'm hoping that they will have a heart. Because I do know and believe that God is in the mix of this, and I'm going to let God handle it."

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