Judge throws out anti Common Core lawsuit because it was filed too late

Judge throws out anti Common Core lawsuit because it was filed too late

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There was another defeat for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in his efforts to overthrow the state's Common Core standards in education.

This was just one of several lawsuits in play with the Governor engineering them all. Jindal said he is disappointed in the judgement, but will support any appeals.

The lawsuit charged that the State Board of Education adopted the standards illegally in 2010, but the judge said the suit was filed too late. The judge didn't give Common Core a ringing endorsement, but used the technicality as his bias for his decision.

Superintendent John White still called it a victory.

"There are some people that want to take us backwards, back in time to 2004 when standards are low and when our graduation rate was low. We think we should move forward, we should have Louisiana standards and a Louisiana test but it should be done through a professional plan not through a political plan. Today's court decision was a victory for a professional plan--not a political plan," he said.

So, the state education lawyers won the argument that the time to bring the lawsuit had expired and the battle lives another day with Common Core still in place and the Governor still battling to bring down the plan he was once staunchly supported.

The Governor had this reminder, saying he's still fighting Common Core in Federal Court and for now that case will be heard.

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