Southern names Banks as Interim Athletic Director, reassigns former AD Broussard

Dr. William Broussard (Source: WAFB)
Dr. William Broussard (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Southern went through with its plan to reassign AD William Broussard to a fund-raising role and introduce his replacement Roman Banks at Friday's board meeting.

Interim Athletic Director Roman Banks says Dr. Broussard's job reassignment and the call from the chancellor to have Banks step up into the role came as a surprise to everyone, but that it's his experience dealing with Southern's various NCAA infractions that make him a perfect fit for the job.

"I've served on those committees," said Banks. "I've been in front of the NCAA with this university now three times since I've been here. I went when we were trying to get our APR for the individual basketball team when I first got the job.

"Right after the basketball season, I was chosen to serve on a committee to go up there when the unusable data ban first happened. And as late as before basketball season last year, I was back in front of them with Dr. Broussard. I guess I'm one of the few coaches that's been with him in different meetings with the NCAA. I think that probably helped lead to this point."

Banks says his primary focus during his four months as interim athletic director will be to continue to move the process of lifting the NCAA postseason ban in the right direction, an area that he thought Broussard was doing a good job in.

"We're in a business where everyone's looking over your shoulder and everybody knows the business of athletics better than you do," said Banks. "But, you know, I really think that he had a good knowledge of institution control. He had a good knowledge of accountability of what we need to get done as we go forward."

And now that heavy responsibility of keeping the ship afloat falls on Banks who says right now his focus is getting things cleared up with the NCAA.

"We want to continue to not only to do that, but continue to serve our student athletes, lift them up, let them show out well on the court and give them all the support they need," said Banks.

Southern says Broussard's reassignment to the President's office is a temporary move and expects him to return as AD on August 1st, 2015.

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