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Woman threads together love for Quilts for Kids

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They say no cord can bind so tightly as love can with a single thread. Sharon Hicks has been living that saying for the past six years.

She has been living it through a hobby that has turned into more: Quilting.

Her needle and thread have been delivering smiles to sick children all over Baton Rouge since 2009. Before she started, Hicks had not sewn a lick since her last Home Economics class in high school more than 40 years ago.

It all started when she was returning home from the funeral of a friend.

"I had a friend who died of cancer," Hicks said. "I wanted to do something that I knew she would have been involved in."

Hicks picked up a magazine with a quilt on the cover. When she got it home, she found a two-page article about a national organization, Quilts for Kids, and a calling was born.

Sharon and her small band of volunteers have made more than 2,000 quilts in six years. They donate them to children suffering from traumatic injuries and terminal illnesses at Our Lady Of the Lake's Children's Hospital.

Lisa Porche is just one of a dozen or so volunteers who gather in the classroom at All Brands Sewing to lend a hand.

"I want to wrap my arms around every one of those kids." Porche said. "I want to hug them. I want to love them, and I can't, but I can wrap this quilt around them."

"I never dreamed it would turn into something so big and have such a tremendous impact on people," said Hicks.

They also say life and death are one thread viewed from different sides. Sharon and her volunteers seem to have found a way to stitch a little joy into even life's darkest times.

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