Woman arrested for bringing teen to work at illegal strip club

Arrest warrant issued for co-owner of illegal strip club
Site of illegal strip club (Source: WAFB)
Site of illegal strip club (Source: WAFB)
Shane Theriot (Source: EBRSO)
Shane Theriot (Source: EBRSO)
Trudell Richardson (Source: EBRSO)
Trudell Richardson (Source: EBRSO)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A woman was arrested for human trafficking after an ongoing investigation revealed her alleged involvement with employing a 16-year-old runaway at an illegal strip club. Police have also issued a warrant for the arrest of a local rapper who is believed to be a co-owner of the business.

WAFB 9 News Investigators first reported that the manager, Shane Theriot, 44, of a club located at 3773 Plank Road was arrested Sunday for various misdemeanor charges after the teen was found in the club at roughly 2:15 a.m. Officers say the teen was wearing only her bra and panties.

Police have since arrested Kaylenceyia Carter, 19, for allegedly bringing the teen to the club for the purpose of working as a dancer

According to the probable cause report, the teen approached Carter and asked for help finding a job. Carter allegedly told the teen that she has been working at a strip club and she could take her there for an audition.

"[Carter] informed the victim that she would need to bring some lingerie and ‘heels' but the victim stated she didn't have any lingerie," the officer noted in the report. "[Carter] stated a bra and panties would be fine. [She] and the victim were later brought to 3773 Plank Road."

The victim was reportedly introduced to a "co-owner" of the club, 39-year-old Trudell Richardson, a local rapper known as Squalee Pope. He allegedly asked the teen her age. When she told him the truth, he told her told to say she is 21-years-old if asked.

"Richardson also informed the victim that he would introduce the victim to the ‘money guys' and she needed to do whatever was necessary to make money," the officer noted. "The victim was advised that half the money she made would go back to the club."

Carter allegedly taught the teen how to "dance on a pole." The teen claims she then danced for Richardson and several other unidentified males. The victim told police she made approximately $300.

Later that evening, officers were dispatched to the club when they received a tip that a runaway teen was possibly located at the club. When they entered the building, they witnessed several females performing lap dances and the teen was found sleeping in a room located at the back of the building.

Theriot was arrested the same day as the incident and was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, letting a disorderly place, and sale of alcohol without a permit. He was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and was released after posting a $950 bond.

Although that was the first time Theriot was arrested for his affiliation with the club, it was not his first encounter with police.

On February 15, 2015, police were dispatched to the club. The case was turned over to the Alcohol Beverage Control Board after alcohol was found and a woman was seen dancing topless. Theriot allegedly told officers the business was a “private membership club.”

Lynn Long, Assistant to the Director of the ABC Board, confirms that the agency launched an investigation and interviewed Theriot on February 23.

"The building is owned by a man named Aubry Williams," Long said. "The property is zoned as a warehouse. Mr. Theriot is actually an employee."

According to Long, Williams was contacted via phone and expressed shock when he learned the building was being used as a strip club.

"He said he had no idea what was going on there and that he would make sure this never happened again," she added.

Williams, the registered owner of AR Consulting, LLC, was cited for two violations by the ABC Board. The company is charged with operating without a permit and prohibition of exotic dancers, which is a fine totaling $750.

"The fine was to be paid by March 9. Mr. Williams called after that and asked for an extension in paying the fine," Long said. "As of today the fine has not been paid. We are going to charge them again with these same violations and this will be a second offense, so the fines are doubled."

The case remains under investigation by both the ABC Board and the Baton Rouge Police Department. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Trudell Richardson for human trafficking and indecent behavior with a juvenile.

"This is the first time we've seen a case of this magnitude," Long added. "It's shocking."

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