Community activist speaks to youth about stopping violence

Community activist speaks to youth about stopping violence

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - One school in Baton Rouge is working to put a stop to violence through education of a different sort.

Local activist Arthur "Silky Slim" Reed opened a few eyes at Broadmoor High Wednesday with tales of his time in prison as a teenager and how scary that was.

Reed said kids are looking up to the wrong people and are dumbing down their generation as a result. Reed told the students it is time to look for the real leaders and that starts at home.

"What we are seeing right now is that we have a group of parents that hasn't been taught so it's almost impossible for them to teach those kids the essential skills that they need to survive these streets," said Reed. "Sow we are definitely trying to work with the families and children right now to make sure we get our point across that life is valuable. All life is valuable right now."

School officials say Wednesday's program was just one part of their plan to help empower students to make good choices for their future.

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