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Amazing Kids: Bo Myers

Bo Myers with his niece (Source: Fancher Family) Bo Myers with his niece (Source: Fancher Family)
Bo's nephew Carter in the hospital.  (Source: Fancher Family) Bo's nephew Carter in the hospital. (Source: Fancher Family)
Carter's injury (Source: Fancher Family) Carter's injury (Source: Fancher Family)
Bo's nephew Carter (Source: Fancher Family) Bo's nephew Carter (Source: Fancher Family)
Carter with his family (Source: Fancher Family) Carter with his family (Source: Fancher Family)

We now get to add life saver to the list of accomplishments of our Amazing Kids. Bo Myers, 17, decided to come home immediately after baseball practice the Wednesday after Mardi Gras. He usually stays out with friends and grabs a quick bite to eat, but Bo says this time was different. 

"I didn't have any money on me so I just decided to head home," he said.

His 7-year-old nephew Carter sure was glad Bo did come straight home. Carter was playing in the backyard of his grandmother's home (Bo's mother). He went to sit on a 600 pound welding table Bo's father had left out so he could work on constructing a shed. The table became uneven throwing Carter off it and pinning him against a wooden fence and the ground. The pressure of the 600 pound table was so immense it caused Carter to stop breathing and his heart to stop.

Amazingly Bo came home right after the table collapsed on Carter. Carter's younger brother came running to Bo crying saying his brother was dead. Bo immediately rushed to the backyard and found the table on top of Carter. Bo somehow lifted the table by himself and threw it off of Carter. Carter was laying lifeless in Bo's arms. Bo immediately began performing CPR.

In another stroke of irony, Bo had learned CPR in his high school health class just one week before the accident. Bo's sister Paige said, "At that moment I remember thinking how does he even know CPR. I didn't know he knew it and I was just very thankful that he was doing it."

Next school year, all graduating high school students will need to learn CPR in order to graduate. Bo's school, Zachary High, decided to go ahead and offer the class through Sean Stanton, their health class instructor. Sean is certified in CPR. Sean said, "Since I have the certification to teach it then I might as well go ahead and allow the students the opportunity to learn it."

Bo went through five or six cycles of compressions and breaths. Carter began crying which was a sign to Bo that Carter was breathing on his own again. 

Paramedics arrived on scene shortly after and congratulated Bo for saving Carter. 

Carter had a collapsed lung and has already made a full recovery. He is back on the baseball diamond with his team. Carter is very thankful Bo saved him and thinks he is a hero. 

Bo gives all the credit to a higher power, "I believe God put me in that position at the right moment for the right reason."

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