Thief burglarizes homes from Old Hammond and Sherwood Forest area

Thief burglarizes house from Old Hammond and Sherwood Forest area

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Home owners are warning others in their neighborhood after a man appearing to steal a lawnmower from a home near Old Hammond Highway was caught on camera.

Homeowner Forrest Brown says he found the perpetrator on video after his lawnmower seemed to walk off on its own.

"What startled me the most was how casual he was." Brown says, "He pulled up like been living there for years and if it would have been the next day, my wife would have been home with my 2 year old son. So he would have thought nobody was home, and she could have startled him and he could have hurt her or my little boy."

Nick hill, who lives just 2 miles down the road, says this isn't the thief's first rodeo.

Hill says you can see the man on another home video. This time, in the process of getting away with a ladder and tires.

Hill says he was prepared for a situation like this, as he got an alert on his phone and gave the crook a warning.

"I chimed through on the camera and I was like 'Hey bud, I got everything on camera and the cops are about to pull up any minute and so am I,'" Hill said.

Hill and brown both say something needs to be done before these robberies take a turn for the worst.

"I don't want to see him attempt to make entry on a home and have somebody get hurt." Says Hill, "I don't want to see him get hurt either. You know someone might open fire on him."