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New LASM exhibit tells history behind Baton Rouge public art

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Have you ever wondered what the big head in Galvez Plaza is all about? Or the sculpture around the fountain next to the Crest? The story behind those are just a few of the highlights of the Monuments and Metaphors exhibit at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum.

It is an exhibit on public works or art that is displayed in open and public venues.

With 50 different public works, the exhibit has a little bit of everything from the traditional like molds used to create the artwork on the state capitol to contemporary work from groups like The BR Walls Project and the Baton Rouge Public Art Project.

However, it is not just about appreciating the art.

"It's neat to unpack and uncover how those came to be and what those artworks say about our changing culture." said Douglas Kennedy, the Communications Director for LASM.

The other neat thing is getting to see how artists' ideas evolve from something as small as a deck of cards to larger-than-life statues.

And for the techie in all of us, how about a reproduction of the art posted on the exterior wall of New Orleans' Charity Hospital made by computer. Local artist Brad Bergoyne and his team scaled the wall with digital scanners.

"They scanned this piece, scaled it down, took it back to his studio and used a 3-D printer to recreate it. Then touched it up by hand," said Kennedy.

If the science behind the art is your thing, the exhibit dedicates and entire room to the age old process of casting sculptures and new-fangled printing statues of clay and resin like the one on loan from The Manship Theater.

It's the perfect chance to learn the history, evolution, and science behind the art that makes Baton Rouge beautiful. The exhibit opens March 21 and runs through June 28.

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