A single mother's dream goes national

A single mother's dream goes national

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Thursday March 26th, the St. Joseph Cathedral "Women In Spirit" ladies group will host a vivacious speaker. At a noon gathering in the Cathedral's Parish Hall, women will dine over lunch and hear the amazing story of Jennifer Maggio. This local woman has become an icon for women who struggle as single mothers. Her story, coupled with descriptions of her plans for helping others will inspire and possibly enlist new volunteers.

Maggio's is a story of courage and the power of sticking to things. Her life has been dedicated to "The Life of a Single Mom Ministries", an organization she started because of her own experience. Jennifer had been homeless, abused, and with multiple teen pregnancies in Ferriday, Louisiana. At 19, she was pregnant for the fourth time, living in government housing on food stamps and welfare. Crediting a new and close relationship with God, Jennifer's life now is far from that existence. She's used her story, her vulnerability, as a way to communicate to anyone a hope for success and a spiritual path for women who struggle through those same kinds of battles.

This May 14th, there will be an Impact Luncheon for The Life of a Single Mom. It will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 4728 Constitution Avenue, starting at 11:30 am. (http://thelifeofasinglemom.com/3rd-annual-tlsm-fundraiser-luncheon-5142015/) It's a chance for everyone to get together and hear the inspiring words of Julio Melara, an entrepreneur, publisher and author. His five books include: Do You Have The Time For Success?, It Only Takes Everything You've Got!, Keys To Performance, 15 Power Points To Ignite Your Success! and Mental Snacks.

The Life of a Single Mom" is growing the concept right now of a support group for women (and men). Using social media, chat rooms, book publishing and church-based programs the gospel of turning lives around has been spreading. Now, Maggio says the campaign is ready for a national conference and it is set for this June in Baton Rouge.

"The national conference for single moms was a dream I had in my heart for eight years, and each year, it just wasn't the right timing. This year, it is! And I couldn't be more excited," she told WAFB's Donna Britt.

"The heart behind our organization is to ensure that no single mom walks alone. We want her to know she has value within her community and home."

Maggio says the conference will take place over two days, June 19th and 20th, at Healing Place Church, 19202 Highland Road Baton Rouge.

Britt said she noticed that most events sponsored by "Single Mom" are not expensive, they're under $40. Maggio said, "Almost everything we do is free. The reason we are charging $39 for the conference is because when moms have some skin in the game they will come." She said she believes it will be the largest single mom conference in the state because of the interest building for it.

Maggio will fly in nationally-known experts like Elizabeth Demarest and Marcy Lokulutu, there will be a career fair for mothers wishing to get back in the work force.

Maggio hopes word gets around the Metro Baton Rouge area. Because she does seminars in Boston, and Texas wherever churches and community groups want to start Life of a Single Mom ministries; she may not have had time to spread the word here locally.

"I think the moms, maybe in Baton Rouge, don't recognize the significance of what's happening here in Baton Rouge. The fact you can drive over and see national experts and an event of national stature is a wonderful opportunity, " she said.

To read more about Jennifer Maggio, follow this link to her personal website, and Donna Britt says "We'll all keep an eye on her. You never know what she's gonna do next!"

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