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Craft brewing growing in Baton Rouge

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A business born of malted barley, hops, water, yeast and a tradition hundreds of years old is brewing in Baton Rouge.

"A lot of people who have traveled around started tasting micro brews going, hey this is good. I can do this at home. The development of the homebrew market fed the craft beer market," said Tin Roof Brewmaster Tom Daigrepont.

Tin Roof Brewery was established by two childhood friends back in 2010, and in just five years it has become one of the region's favorite local craft brew houses. Last year the brewery produced around 6,000 barrels of beer. That's nearly 1.5 million pints. The entire production from brew to can is handled by less than 10 people.

"Thank God St. Paddy's Day is only one day, but it is a big beer day so they prepare very well for that," laughed Daigrepont.

The busiest season is January, when they work to meet the demand of carnival season. By spring, distributors are looking for a refill just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

However, no matter the season, Tin Roof likes to honor its roots which run deep in the home brewing community found in Baton Rouge.

"It's a revolution in some ways," said Charlie Milan of the home brewing culture.

Milan is an award winning home brewer and a national beer judge who has been brewing since the late 70's. Tin Roof's latest edition, Turnrow Coriander Ale, is his recipe.

"It's light and refreshing," said Milan of the recipe. "You're getting this lemony, citrus taste from the coriander. It's unusual."

Each brew's success isn't just luck. They all follow standards laid out by the beer certification program. The rest is a balance of science and art.

"The ingredients are like an artist's pallet when you have all these different things you can create," said Milan.

What's on tap next for the company is bringing that endless pallet to even more beer fans. Tin Roof has plans to expand and eventually increase production. Until then, they will keep on brewing what the crew calls the best hobby around.

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