Jessica: My survival story

I turned 50 about 5 years ago and my doctor gave me the ol' "time to schedule a colonoscopy" speech. I was in the middle of planning my daughter's wedding and decided I didn't have the time to be bothered with all the shenanigans involved with the test. I told him I'd let him know when things had settled down and we'd schedule something then. Well, truth be told, I didn't want anything to do with that test. I'd heard horror stories.

I'm ashamed to say, 2 years went by before my doctor finally told me it was imperative that we schedule the test. I pushed back a little, but we finally settled on a date.

I know lots of folks like to complain about them, but quite frankly, the procedure itself wasn't all that big a deal. Sure the prep work was a little 'fussy', but again, not that big a deal. When I woke up from my very pleasant twilight sleep, the doctor told me they had removed several polyps that were 'problematic'. He said it was a good thing they'd gotten to them now, but it would have been better if they'd gotten to them sooner.

It didn't take any convincing to get me in for follow-up procedures over the next few years. I'm happy to say that I just got the all clear from my gastroenterologist and I don't have to come in for another one for 5 years!

So far the story has a happy ending, but I put me and my family through some miserable times because I didn't want to face a simple test. I will never ignore my doctor's suggestions again!