State lawmakers hold summit to get girls interested in tech fields

3G Technology summit

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Several state lawmakers gathered at the Louisiana Technology Park to get more girls interested in STEM programs.

The effort was called the 3G Summit. The three Gs stand for Girls Gigabytes and Gadgets.

The summit was designed to let girls know that they aren't just meant to be users of technology, but innovators, designers, and influences as well.

"We want to let young girls know about the possibilities, so we want to encourage them to think about science, technology, engineering and mathematics." Says Senator Sharon Weston Broome "And that the sky is the limit for them if their desire is to get involved it can happen."

Broome says it's actually easier to get into tech related fields more than ever, because many young women already have some knowledge related to working in science and technology.

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