30th annual St. Patrick's Day parade rolls through Baton Rouge

St. Patrick's Day Parade

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Thousands of people flooded the streets of Baton Rouge for the 30th annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

Even though purple and gold are common colors seen throughout the year, today, the streets looked like a sea of green as people tested their luck to catch beads and toys from the many floats rolling through the Garden District. Several people wore the wackiest and most outrageous costumes that can take months to make. Those who just wanted to relax were able to enjoy food, drinks, and friends.

Businesses in the area were also pleased with today's turnout. Nathan Nguyen, of the Country Corner store, said every year the crowds get bigger and that means bigger business.

"Normally this type of event would double or triple our profits," said Nguyen. "I wish we could have something like this every week."

This marks the parade's 30th year.

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