Woman arrested for cruelty to Pit Bull puppies

Woman arrested for cruelty to Pit Bull puppies

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A woman has been arrested after police say she starved and mistreated pit bull puppies.

In the report filed by deputies, they claim the dogs appeared to be suffering from malnutrition, in the process of starving. Two of the animals were observed to be falling over and were barely able to walk. Deputies also observed a large amount of feces, some of it with mold growing on top of it, and urine on the floor all through the house.

"They all came with lots of fleas on them, fleas can be a problem because they can eat a lot of the blood and the puppies can become anemic and have heart murmurs." Says veterinarian Alison Salmon.

EBR sheriffs say they are pointing the finger a woman named Amber McManus.

Deputies say they found the mistreated dogs at her home just off Hooper Road. "The dog hasn't done anything, there is no logical explanation as to why these people do these things." Says pit bull owner Brandon McCutcheon, "What is it that justifies someone doing this to a dog?"

Alison Salmon thinks people need to learn ways to tell if pets are being mistreated.

"A lot of people have animals in their homes next door to you and you don't know what state they're in," says Salmon, "People just need to be educated and help your fellow neighbor for instance is a neighbor knew that this was going on maybe they would have helped them out"

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